Watts Towers

I want to live like I'm building

Watts Towers.  Each moment a glittering

thing to be picked up, a discarded tile

shard from the dust made beautiful

by finding and pressed with love

in the mortar.  Then, at the end

of it all, secretly, deep in

me, will be three reaching

towers in bright sunlight.


I have love in me

like the building of Watts Towers.

Each fragment of tile and bottle I find

I will press to mortar with fingers

trembling from that love.  I have

love in me like building

Watts Towers.



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"Watts Towers" 

written by Murdoch Burnett

About Murdoch ...

Murdoch  Burnett was honoured at the Calgary International Spoken Word Festival "Home on Earth" in 2007 with the first ever Golden Beret Award for his lifelong contribution to the arts community, mastery of his art and performances and dedication to his community.   Performing throughout North America, he was for many years a regular at Ten Foot Henry's and Marty's Cafe in Calgary.  He and musician/composer Scott Willing composed the music for the poems:  We Are Not Romans, Technologically Native, The Homecoming, A Choice of Futures, The Long Distance, and The Centre of the World.  Murdoch has performed at several High Performance Rodeos produced by One Yellow Rabbit Theatre Company in Calgary and, in 1988, he was invited to perform at the Calgary Olympic Arts Festival with writers from 27 countries amongst whom were Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Ryszard Kapuscinski.  

In 1996, Murdoch was invited to attend the first ever "Wordfest:  Banff Calgary International Writers Festival"featuring 50 writers over four days. The other writers included Margaret Atwood, Roch Carrier, Wayson Choy, Thomson Highway, Paul Quarrington and Sheri-D Wilson. 

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